The Official Website Of 'Gentleman' Chris Adams


Jade is Chris Adams first born child and she was born in Leamington Spa England in 1981. She permanently moved to America when she was 2 years old.

Jade has a BA with Honors in Psycology.

Jade is married to another British Wrestler Adam Bryniarski AKA Adam Windsor who trained in Judo at Chris' brother Neil's dojo in Coventry England before moving to America.

They have three children, Chris' Grandchildren Blaise, Lachlan and Anya. 

From Jade...

"Thank you everyone for stopping by this website created for our father Chris Adams.  Although he was an amazing wrestler with many matches to enjoy, above all he was a wonderful dad and the three of us want to dedicate this space to share some of our fondest memories and family photos as well.  I hope you enjoy browsing through everything and can get an idea of my dad not only as a remarkable athlete and performer but also as a man who loved his family tremendously.  His memory stays alive everyday through all of his family and friends, photos, moments on film, and stories. Through all of this, Chris Adams can be remembered and his presence still be remembered in our hearts. 

For me personally I always remember my dad being a real prankster with a great sense of humor.  He always tried to “shock” people and get a raw reaction.  Nothing was funnier to him than to snap a photo after he just scared you out of your wits or to take you off guard in some way.  A little dry perhaps but a mischief maker in all his glory.  Most people close to him have some story of this and all together they make a great collaboration.

All the humor aside, he was a very deep person as well. Although not spoken about directly until later in his life, my dad had a very deep running ebb and flow of emotions that came through in many ways.  Obviously, this shined through in his wrestling and in his promos where he came up with some really dynamic moments, but this also came through in his home life.  He was a very talented artist, a very philosophical person, and also very able to see a person through a very unique perspective.  He had a very silent sort of intelligence where when you looked at him you could see his mind working.  He would take his ideas and create things with them.  It seemed to me that ideas were really a thing he loved to see where he could take them. 

My best memory of my dad was close to the time when he died when I was 19. During that time we had a really great conversation about life.  He told me he had the thought about how all living things on this earth have a “vision”.  He said all creatures have their own outlook on life.  A bird, a worm, a baby, etc.  It was a real eye opener for me and to this day that talk always reminds me to be less self centered and to remember I am sharing this world with many others.  When he died, the conversation really stuck and I remembered it during those grief stricken months afterwards.  The biggest lesson I received out his death was how to appreciate every day of my life.  My husband and children are held even closer to my heart than ever as I realize just how precious and how short life can be."

What I would say to him today

"If I saw him today I would listen.  When he died, I was still a teenager and not very interested in the wrestling world.  I suppose I thought it was uninteresting and I was in many ways trying to hide the fact my parents were “professional wrestlers”.  When growing up at school people would say, “My dad is a doctor, my dad is a teacher, my dad works at the bank... “  I would have to say “My dad is a wrestler”.  Many people thought this was fantastic but I felt many times that I was too different and I wanted to be “normal”.  So, when I left home I ran away from the wrestling world and wanted not much to do with it.  During this time is when my dad wrestled for WCW.  I am embarrassed to say that I never turned the TV on to watch one single match.  I suppose with how much my parents and stepdad were on tv that it really wasn’t a big deal to me but now I really regret that. These days, I have come full circle and I appreciate where I have come from.  I know my wrestling life is very unique and interesting and today I am proud of it.  I would love to talk to him about his childhood, his relationships with friends and wives (yes…plural), and I would love to have asked him all about his travels and his wrestling days.  So, if I were to see him now I would love to just let him talk away and tell me all about himself.  I would like to hear all the stories that I don’t know about."

What I miss most about him

"What I miss most about him is his great “sick” sense of humor.  He was a big kid.  He loved to ride on roller coasters, rough house with his kids, play with dart guns, and play jokes on people.  He was so young at heart.  This always helped whenever I may have been going through anything as he was so open and understanding about what I was going through.  I never officially opened up to him about any teenage angst I may have had but I didn’t have too as he always offered that sort of conversation as I assume he already knew."

What I would like to tell him that I never did

"I never told him that I really respected his hard work in life and how he never gave up.  I luckily did tell him how glad I was that he was my dad and how much I valued our relationship.  I am thankful for that.  But, as I said I never told him I was proud of him or how interesting I thought his life was.  I know I was only just a kid at the time but I really would love to tell him that I wanted to know about him…"

A few words to my Dad

 “Dad, I just want you to know that I love you, I miss you and think about you every day. I’m happy, I have a wonderful family and I wish you could just come over for a cup of tea and a chat”.


"I want to thank my husband Adam for sparking the fire under this idea for a website. Only through him would we be able to create this and I know my dad would be thankful too and appreciate him always looking after me."

Pictures of Chris and Jade