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                                      Julia was born on June 21st 1994 in Rowlett Texas.

She is currently in high school with looking to Graduate in 2012.

 From Julia

"I'm Julia. Thanks for stopping by and seeing my dads website. I've been dealt a life very different than most teenagers. I believe everything happen for a reason. My childhood was not easy but I love every waking moment of my life".

Best Memory

"The best memory of my Dad is when I came home from school one day he attacked me with a paintball gun and I got mad and tried to kick his butt! The best memory of my Mom is when she tried to teach me how to do my makeup".

If I was to see my Dad again

"If I was to see my Dad again I would love to go paintballing with him so I could get him back for when I came home from school "

A few words to my dad

"I love you father, I can't wait until we reunite"

Pictures of Julia with her Dad Chris